turning fleeting moments into poetic visual relics that tell the stories of the heart

every image stands for itself... 

Together, they transport you into the pulse of the vulnerability, connection, longing, and love that shape your becoming and render you most alive inside your life.

documenting the
of the most significant chapters of your life in an experience you’ll           for decades to come


More than capturing a time capsule of the feelings and memories that fill your life with meaning, but an invitation to witness yourself and those you love in a new light, and celebrate the gift of now.


documenting the
of the most significant chapters of your life in an experience you’ll
for decades to come

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Traveling Photographer Based In Beautiful Places, Often Found Lingering Beneath Towering Pines Or By Salt Water


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behind the lens

Inspired by the poetry of Rumi and Mary Oliver, at the root of my work you’ll find a reverence for the great mystery and miracle of life. I am deeply humbled by the natural world and find its impermanence a powerful metaphor for the reality of being human — that our time here is finite, and that’s what makes it so precious. Embracing life’s fleeting nature sets us free to give and receive its magic fully right now.  

I would describe my work as intentional and raw, emotive and honest, real and beautiful. Every shoot takes on a life and energy of its own, because every story is unique. My hope is that when you look at the images we create together, you’ll not only have a treasured token of remembrance that allows you to revisit and savor the texture, flavor, and essence of some of your favorite seasons and memories, but a reminder to love even deeper right now, so that when the end comes, you’ll know you offered all of yourself at the altar of life.

I found my passion for photography in a way that felt truly meant to be. Shortly after my second child, Miles, was born, my mother gifted me a camera, and that pivotal moment marked the beginning of my enduring love for photography.

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the artist &                     
behind the lens






There are not enough words to express the pure magic that I felt in working with Natalie.

She is a true artist with a literal and figurative spiritual lens in which she sees the world through. In looking through these photos, I am filled with love. I feel so deeply SEEN. It was a day filled with my favorite things: soul to soul connection, play, fun, artistry—All while being held in nature together.

Thank you Natalie. Thank you for fully leaning in and embracing the very precious, wild, and magical being you are— so the rest of us may feel the same through your beautiful lens.
-Meghan Ruttan

Natalie is extremely professional, responsive, humble, and kind. In person, she has a way of putting you at ease

The sessions are relaxed and there’s never the hurry of a ticking clock. Conversations flow freely and her energy is contagious. She has a maternal instinct and is skilled at drawing out both laughter and silliness in children. She approaches each session with a collaborative spirit - aiming to co-create something unique to each family. The extra time spent learning her subjects manifests into something beautiful, and we are elated with the many images we receive in our galleries. We count ourselves lucky to not only have her documenting cherished moments in our lives, but to now call her a friend. We cannot recommend her enough!
⁃ Melissa & Ryan Tweet

we always feel at ease when we are working with natalie and her photos showcase that

Natalie is a dream to work with. Not only is she incredibly talented, but she is so easygoing and kind that it feels like you’re working with a family friend. Taking photos can be stressful, but she is there to help every step of the way from outfitting to suggestions for location and activities. She is my go-to family photographer and I feel lucky to have found her. 
- Hope Skinner

She has an amazing ability to capture all of those little gestures, nuanced expressions, and all of the tiny things I don't want to forget about our kids at this age

We love working with Natalie! The adventure feels natural and is a family memory in itself. Being in nature allows our family to relax and means that the photos Natalie captures truly feel like us. It is obvious that she does her work for the love of the art. It has never felt rushed and I am always impressed with the amount of time she spends with us.
- Lara Van Ost

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Breathe even more magic into your gallery with a one-of-a-kind video storytelling perspective shot by my sweet brother, Robert Adamson.

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