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traveling worldwide 

The poetry of Rumi and Mary Oliver, a steaming cup of fresh Gyokuro tea, the sound of children running free, walking barefoot in wild places with my camera in hand, tending to the roots of my home and family, and capturing the magic of my sweetest of muses, Juniper and Miles… 

Award-Winning Family, Portrait, & Brand Photographer 

these are just a few of my favorite things.

Lifelong adventurer and lover of untamed places, mama of two, and the artist behind the lens. 

hi, I’m natalie 

I consider myself a forever student of life and have always been driven by the desire to find the magic in the mundane, the extraordinary in the ordinary, the eternal in the ephemeral.

Crossing the threshold into Motherhood opened my eyes to a whole new dimension of the fleeting preciousness of life, and how deeply I yearn to revisit particular chapters and feelings. My children, Juniper and Miles, became my original muses when I began documenting our adventures together in an effort to capture not only their childhood, but my experience navigating Motherhood and the transformation and profound lessons it brings. 

Today, my work conveys the substance and subtleties of the human experience, with a focus on the family bonds and relationships that form the lifeblood of our stories. 

As an art form and sacred practice, photography has always been a journey into the deepest parts of my heart and a way of connecting with myself, nature, and people — with the joy, the pain, and the hope of being human.

It’s from the energies and nuances of real and raw everyday moments that I create my images. Capturing a glimmer of how temporary, mysterious, and miraculous life is keeps me picking up my camera. When you look at your gallery years from now, I want it to be more than a visual collection that brings you back into the sweetness of making those memories, but a timeless mirror that shows and reminds you of the power, beauty, and truth of who you are.  

Here’s How Our Journey Together Could Go

my philosophy

Every shoot offers an opportunity for both of us to go deeper and witness life — and ourselves — anew.

I’m not interested in photographing the curated version of you. In fact, in order for me to create images you love, I will need you to let go of your idea of how it is supposed to be. 

I will guide you, but the unfolding is where the magic lives… 

The dirty feet and earth-smudged cheeks, the windblown hair and eyes that sparkle full of dreams, the outstretched arms so eager for connection, and all the other imperfectly perfect moments we ache to relive, but can’t get back — these are the snapshots that tell the stories of our lives, and reveal us to ourselves in a new light. 

We all crave vulnerability and hunger for the invitation to explore the depths of ourselves and our loved ones. 

Often, it’s the fleeting moments between our ideas of how we’re supposed to look or act that give us the understanding we long for. 

When we become present, when we let go of expectations informed by imaginary rules, when our innate playful curiosity leads the way and we flow what with what is, a story unravels unlike any other —

A story that reminds us of why we seek vulnerability in the first place. A story that speaks to the muti-faceted tapestry of who we are, and transforms the way we see ourselves.

This is your invitation to lean into — and celebrate — the real stuff. This is the art of photographic storytelling.

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it is a serious thing / just to be alive / on this fresh morning / in this broken world. 
-Mary Oliver

let’s bring your story to life

Tell me what moves you and let’s create something beautiful together that reveals you to you, and authentically preserves the magic of the season you’re in.

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