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cultivate the fertile ground of your creativity & 

time and support are two of the hardest things to give ourselves

But any artist knows that these two ingredients are vital to our growth — especially if we want to maintain an enjoyable creative process while also running a profitable business. 

If you love creating outside the box and are always looking for new ways to rediscover yourself and your work, while staying true to the call of your heart… welcome home. We’ll definitely get along.

I want our experience together to nourish the roots of your work and the rich soil of your creativity while bringing you closer to your why, allowing that fresh inspiration to pave the way for new beginnings in your craft, and business.

Whether you’re new to photography, seasoned, or well-established, I’m here to lend a helping hand — to guide you in sharpening your artistic vision and finding your voice, expression, and leading edge as a photographer. 

Through the years of shooting, leading retreats, attending workshops, building my business, and most importantly, working closely with hundreds of clients — the majority of them families — I have learned not only how to build a sustainable photography business from the ground up, but how to create images that are both storied, nuanced, and artful; images that capture people the way they yearn to be seen, in authentic, real, and beautiful way… their photographs a permission slip to witness themselves in a new light.

I’d love to share my expertise and support the artist, the photographer, the dreamer, the burgeoning business owner, and the visionary in you. 

mentor sessions

Virtual Call | 90 minutes | $500

Pick my brain for 90 minutes on whatever you want! 

Dive into business strategy (finding your niche, portfolio review, pricing, attracting your ideal client, social media, and more), or watch as I edit a collection of your images via screen share to show you exactly what I do to achieve a seamless, perfectly balanced edit.

This session is best if you have specific questions and/or a straightforward list of things you’d like to tackle (we can typically cover 2-4 areas within the span of 90 minutes, depending on what you bring to the table).

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In-Person Workshop | 3.5 Hours | $1200

The deep dive version of the virtual session… in-person with me! 

Anything and everything is fair game. We’ll meet at my home, your home, or a coffee shop where we’ll have plenty of time to connect and get to know each other.

You can bring a list of questions/areas in your business that you’d like my help with, or I will guide you through a process to help you get to the core of your why and from there, assess what you can do to move the needle toward your goals in areas like: client attraction, pricing and packaging, client experience, social media strategy, editing and workflow, and so much more.

One-On-One | Full Day (8 Hours) | $2300

My most popular mentor session, which happens to also be my favorite! We get an abundance of time to dive into the heart of your work and refine how you can serve your clients deeply, while creating images you are excited about and inspired by.

We cover everything I go over in the 3.5 hour session, plus we will do a live shoot together!  

The one-on-one session is completely curated to meet your desires and unique needs, but as a baseline, you can expect that we'll go over lighting and directing your subject in a way that allows space for organic moments, as well as how to develop an adventure and unforgettable experience for your clients where they are invited to participate in shaping the vision with you.

You will have the opportunity to observe and see the process of allowing the story to unfold while supplying space for the subjects to be comfortable and settle in, and can ask as many questions as your heart desires, while also shooting alongside me and receiving my feedback on your work!

One-On-One + Friend | Full Day (8 Hours) | $2800

Same as the one-on-one session above, but with a friend, your significant other or spouse, or a fellow creative on site and at your side for the day.

It’s a win-win; you can share the cost of a full day of mentorship, and enjoy a powerful learning experience with someone you love and/or admire!

Custom | Curated for You 

Want to go really deep and work together over a longer period of time? 

Reach out to me with your goals and I will create a 100% personalized package for you. I typically collaborate with clients for 4-6 weeks, but the timeframe can be adjusted based on your needs. You will get weekly or bi-weekly calls with me and access to my private Voxer, among other exclusive benefits. 

This is for you if you’re looking to receive the highest level of support to sharpen your vision (or reinvent yourself!), and grow your business as a distinguished photographer.

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My mentoring session with Natalie exceeded all my expectations and left me feeling sooo inspired

We began our day with tea and brunch that Natalie had thoughtfully prepared. As we delved into my work, we explored every detail, from editing to reviewing my portfolio, discussing the shifts I aspire to make, and even addressing my apprehensions about taking my photography to the next level. Natalie generously shared her own business journey and creative evolution.

Our day continued with an intentional and authentic photoshoot that beautifully showcased her ability to let the story unfold naturally. It was a remarkable experience to witness her creative process and have her explain the reasoning behind her methods. Not only did I produce stunning images for my portfolio, but I also gained a newfound confidence as an artist, reconnecting with a part of myself I had longed to rediscover.
- Erica  

You know when you just need a little guidance or you are just feeling stuck? This is where I was when I reached out to Natalie

I had been struggling with defining my editing style and accepting some other aspects about my work. Minutes after our session started she helped me dial some things in, which gave us a solid foundation to work. She welcomed any and all questions I had and responded very thoughtfully. I walked away from our session with a list of doable action items that will change the course of how I do business and approach my art. I cannot recommend Natalie enough! Her coaching style is open, inclusive, and so encouraging.
- Michelle Bliss

My mentorship with Natalie was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business. She is so kind, knowledgeable and encouraging, and shares so much of her expertise

We made a plan beforehand of a few things I wanted to focus on during our time together, and she answered all of my questions and more! I made so many changes in my business for the better after connecting with Natalie, and I feel like I’m more excited than ever about where I am in my photography journey. Thank you so much, Natalie, for all of your help and for being such an encouraging influence for me and my business! You are so so talented, and I’m so happy I got to learn from you and continue to do so!
- Katie Wilson

let’s bring your story to life

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